Smarketing, a growth champion

5 October 2021

Top of mind ! The light at the end of the COVID tunnel puts companies back on the path to new growth opportunities. Optimism...

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Growth Hacking, The Trojan Horse of Growth!

16 September 2021

What is Growth Hacking ? « Growth Hacking », « Growth marketer », « technical marketer », « data-driven marketer », « T-Shaped marketer » ou « head of growth », this concept...

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Candidates satisfaction rating in 2021

6 August 2021

Excited about our constant improvement at SP Search! The quality of our approach is regularly assessed by our candidates each year. Here are the...

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Customer satisfaction rating 2021

22 July 2021

Excited about our constant improvement at SP Search! The quality of our approach is regularly assessed by our clients every 2 years and by...

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Communication tools for a successful interview

16 June 2021

Communication is your best friend Whatever the industry or position, recruiters are looking to hire the best talent for their company, which means you...

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approche directe recrutement


25 March 2021

Promoting your career is not only a matter of ego, it is also about developing your skills, moving forward, and reaching your goals.

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spsearch eloquance

Be eloquent and gain legitimacy

17 November 2020

One of the techniques to help you go further in your job search is to acquire and utilise eloquence wisely. Remember those films "Le...

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Gestion crise sortir

Crisis management – stick your head up high

14 October 2020

Our time at work represents a significant part of our lives (around 220 days a year), which means our relationships with others are sometimes...

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SPSEARCH changer de vie

It’s decided, I’m changing my life!

7 July 2020

Not a recent phenomenon but particularly popular in recent weeks, changing your life is both feared and fantasised about. Already in 2015, a survey...

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Bilan professionnel, bilan de compétences, ouplacement

Lockdown: think about completing the skills assessment

4 May 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has suspended time, causing a profound change in mentalities and ways of working. This is a time for reflection and is...

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Professional Equality Index

The Professional Equality Index is a must for SMEs

7 April 2020

The Gender Equality Index was introduced the 5th of September 2018, which means companies must calculate (and publish) the pay gap between their male...

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Mesurer l'engagement de ses salariés

Why should you implement an employee advocacy strategy in your company?

28 February 2020

Did you know that employee communications get 8 times more engagement than a communication sent out by the company? Indeed, the rules of external...

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La fraude de CV

How can you tackle CV fraud?

31 January 2020

According to a 2018 study by the recruitment firm Florian Mantione Institut, 65% of CVs sent to recruiters are embellished, and 85% of respondents...

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Entretien annuel efficace

How to conduct an effective annual performance review: the 5 key steps to follow

17 December 2019

The end of the year is approaching, and with it comes Christmas and New Years’, but perhaps more importantly it’s also the time of...

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Collaborative recruitment: involving line managers in your recruitment processes.

27 November 2019

When you are recruiting, you don't just add a new person to your workforce, you bring a new personality into an existing team, and...

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How to identify (or recruit) a good manager?

21 October 2019

We don’t need to tell you that making a recruitment mistake can be very costly: loss of time and money, internal reorganisation, projects fall...

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Réussir le recrutement d'un commercial

How to recruit a salesperson?

21 September 2019

Business Engineer, Business Developer, Key Account Manager, Inside Sales, Sales Director - these jobs are always in demand. From the sales representatives of the...

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Motiver vos collaborateurs

How do you motivate – and keep – your employees?

26 August 2019

Internal engagement and motivation are the primary factors in company productivity, but it’s not easy to always keep your teams motivated. Decreased motivation can...

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How to set up an efficient project team?

5 August 2019

The success of a project inevitably depends on who’s involved with it. While effective organisation and management are essential, they are nothing without the...

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Onboarding… then what’s next?

23 July 2019

If you’re a loyal reader, you have most likely followed our series of articles dedicated to onboarding, and you probably understand the importance of...

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Onboarding: how do you successfully integrate new hires?

10 July 2019

According to a 2013 study on integration and onboarding, 20% of employees who join a company plan to leave it from day one either...

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Intégration de nouveaux collaborateurs

Onboarding: The Holy Grail of candidate experience?

26 June 2019

Even today, many companies still focus their efforts on the recruitment process but sometimes neglect two elements which are perhaps the most important -...

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Recruiting errors – how do you avoid them?

12 June 2019

According to a study conducted by Robert Half (recruitment firm), 71% of French HR managers have hired someone who did not completely satisfy their...

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Recruiting mistakes: how much does a wrong recruitment cost?

29 April 2019

Poor analysis and/or insufficient needs understanding, unsuitable profile, integration issues... 36% of employment contracts are terminated during the first year and that proves to...

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Interview_cabinet de chasse de tête

Interview Challenges magazine – March 2019

28 April 2019

SP SEARCH, a specialist recruitment firm.

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pénurie d'experts en cybersécurité

Shortage in Cyber Security : 1,000 vacant posts in France

21 January 2017

The cyber security labor market is a tense one, the current shortage of skilled cyber security professionals being a major problem for all industries...

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Expert en cybersécurité

What is an expert in Cyber security ?

1 February 2016

There are 2 main job categories in relation to IT security:

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