Promoting your career is not only a matter of ego, it is also about developing your skills, moving forward, and reaching your goals.

Opportunity is quick to run away but long to return.

That’s the punchline and the speech that I give to my candidates who are in search of a new career to awaken their fearlessness and lead them to their goal. 

The perfect job does not exist, but the one that works with our aspirations does!

Promoting your career is not only a matter of ego, it is also about developing your skills, moving forward, and reaching your goals. 

Welcome to the modern world where companies have had to become more agile in record time to adapt to the current pandemic, which does not mix well with business and social life. 

Organisational, digital, managerial, and cultural transformation confirms a profound change in the world of work as we know it and changes the rules. A new social contract is redefining the working relationship – some employees may have to work for multiple employers and perform several jobs. In the new corporate structure, we are no longer employees, but rather ambassadors of a business’ culture… a way to reinforce commitment, but for what future?

The change in our daily lives has awakened old dreams, new perspectives for the future, and without a doubt, decisions have to be made.


In a recent Inffo / CSA study “2021 barometer of training”, 33% of working people think they will change jobs in the next 2 years. This trend is in line with the accelerating evolution of roles. 

The prediction is that 85% of the jobs in 2030 do not yet exist*. Creative destruction where we may have to work for several employers while surfing on the time difference on unusual functions.

Training, developing skills, and anticipating change, means betting on your employability. Because beyond initial training, the ability to acquire new knowledge is worth more than the knowledge acquired. 

Whether you want to develop within the same company or you are close to hanging up your apron to become what you want to be, training can be the catalyst to progress your dreams!

Learning expectations are high in a context that feeds anxiety about an uncertain professional future. According to the same study, 1 in 2 working people plan to take a training course in 2021. 

baromètre formation carrière professionnelle

While the “Compte personnel de formation – CPF” (Personal Training Account) has been greatly extended for 85% of French employees, the process and the amount of their training rights seem unclear to 42%.

Without a clear job market, people aged between 18 and 24 years old show a strong desire for change and aspire to work in an environment that aligns with their values. True “Consumers” of “on-demand” training, they take charge of their learning path guided by their goals. 



Promouvoir sa carrière professionnelle

Threatened jobs feed career transition.

The daddy-style career plan, where a set path of development within the same company was clear, is no longer viable in the new world – we will occupy up to 8 jobs in our lifetime. Hence the significant trend towards retraining

According to this study, 1 in 5 employees are preparing a new plan to readjust their career path. And among those who are not yet in this process, 33% are procrastinating on implementing a career change in the coming years, biding their time as the current economic climate is uncertain. 

emploi professionnel menacé nourrit la reconversion

 A dichotomy of intentions is clear between the desire to move forward and the fear of losing one’s job, a condition that stops decisions and freezes behaviour.

Reasons for a change have several origins, but the desire to do a job that is close to one’s values and passions is most prominent for 86% of the working people who are “eligible” for retraining.

Finally, this professional development and change of trajectory, requires support, which translates into assistance in the choice of training, its financing, and opportunities for 62% of people.


Each new situation brings with it an opportunity to learn something new

From this reflection was born CrossRoads – the training and personal development division of SP SEARCH. From the idea to realisation, we have built a proactive job search program inspired by headhunting and fed by the discussions and expectations of people who ask me to find or change jobs. 

Other personal development programs (skills assessment, individual coaching) have been encapsulated in our 360Learning e-learning platform with engaging content in blended learning (at a distance and via video) to support all. 

100% online, these programs can be followed at the same time as working – you set the pace and not the other way around.

CrossRoads mission is to support you in your transformation, whether that be the search for a new job, the development of your skills, or the creation of your own business.


To make a choice is not giving up

The story begins with you! Each experience is unique even if there are similarities in the starting point: redundancy, obsolete skills, change of career path, the search for a better work life balance, or even searching for sense. 

We have let our candidates have a say… in each one of them there is a bit of us. 

They are CrossRoaders.


We must learn to relearn, the future belongs to curious minds. 

Patricia Cabot


Co-founder of  CrossRoads.

Sources :

Étude Inffo / CSA « barometer of training 2021  »

* DELL study and the Future Institute


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