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Not a recent phenomenon but particularly popular in recent weeks, changing your life is both feared and fantasised about. Already in 2015, a survey conducted by OpinionWay showed that 70% of French people surveyed wanted to change their lives. But how can we explain such a craze to take the plunge when the unprecedented crisis we are going through is exposing us to many uncertainties and a future that is seen to be unpredictable?

→ A blessing in disguise

« Crises, upheaval and illness do not happen by chance. They serve as indicators for us to rectify a trajectory, explore new directions, experience another life path.” Carl Gustav Jung

Each of us has lived through lockdown in a different way, however it will remain an enlightening life experience in many ways. For a lot of us, this sudden and brutal upheaval has caused a strange feeling of no longer being an actor in one’s life, of having become a spectator.

Sometimes likened to a real slap in the face or to an infringement on our fundamental freedoms, this particular phase of life was a shock that tore off some of our blinkers to confront us with our existence and their meaning.

In the end, it was perhaps not so much lockdown in itself that was the most difficult to get through, but in fact it was seeing a life taking shape before our eyes that did not really correspond with our aspirations.

For some, lockdown was a beneficial time to take a critical look at one’s life and to make the necessary adjustments in order to start afresh. Whether it’s reshaping something – from either a professional or personal point of view, be it light or radical, some associate making life changing decisions with (re)taking control of their life.


→ They took the plunge after lockdown

« Moments of crisis produce a doubling of life for men”. François-René de Chateaubriand

Numerous stories on post-lockdown changes are pouring out online. Lockdown has allowed some to take action after thinking about change for a long time, and for others it has been a trigger..


This is the case for Marc, 42, sales director in IT : « lockdown has made me realise that I have devoted the last ten years to my professional life. A lot of travel, an attractive salary, and interesting projects, but at what price? I felt that I had put my private life aside, and my priorities have changed. ».


Apart from the desire for a better work-life balance, other sources of motivation and inspiration include the following :

  • The search for meaning in one’s work,
  • The need to find oneself and to be in tune with one’s values,
  • The thirst for freedom,
  • The search for pleasure in the projects undertaken,
  • Access to a better quality of life.

→ Renewal is a long-term process !

As Philippe Gabillet points out (“The Art of Changing Life in 5 Lessons“), those who take the plunge by making life changing decisions are significantly fewer in number than those aspiring a renewal.


Although we read in many books that the possibilities are endless, the restrictions (social, economic, etc.) that we face cannot be ignored. Therefore, they should be evaluated so you can understand how they could be adjusted in order to facilitate a change.


Making a change is far from insignificant : apart from the personal work to be done on oneself (self-reflection, personal development, etc.) it’s the weight of one’s environment that is a major obstacle in taking the step. Changing one’s life means getting out of one’s comfort zone, succeeding in freeing oneself from the gaze and pressures of others, and drawing on one’s personal resources to implement concrete actions to open up to the unknown.

This profound evolution can be experienced as a renewal for some or as a source of anguish for others. Therefore, this project is not to be taken lightly. Awareness, reflection, clarity, and courage will thus guide us towards new horizons and new spaces of freedom – both individual and collective.

To live is not only to change, it is to keep moving forward!


Does this sound tempting? 

SP SEARCH consultants will support you with your journey and the fruition of your new life project.


Feel like reinventing yourself ?

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