Support in the recruitment
and the onboarding of your future talents.


→ Our consultancy role : we assess the company and its culture as a whole to ensure that managers’ onboarding is a success both for the company and for the development of the new recruit.


 Our extensive network of clients and candidates that we have built over the years and that we maintain with the utmost dedication.


 Our in-depth knowledge of the market we address, the players, corporate cultures and remuneration practices.


 Our consultants’ expertise in our clients’ businesses. 

Top management Division

Blue chip companies rely on us to recruit managerial positions – key experts working in technical environments.



We help start-ups and fast-growing organizations to recruit talented individuals who will be able to contribute to their development strategy.



We work with the subsidiaries of foreign groups setting up their operations in France and we assist them in the search and the identification of their next managers.



We implement tailor-made search campaigns aimed at finding the ideal candidate who will drive the company’s development in a long-term perspective.



Our assessment tools for managerial positions (management led audits), allow us to analyze leadership style and motivation, decision making capabilities, work organization and problem solving, communication style, clerical tasks and the developing of other talents.



Our unique assessment tools for sales roles (sales led audits), allow us to analyze key competences and know-hows : canvassing and communication, closing deals, client follow-up, presentation, admin duties.

Software publisher, Start-up or investment fund, you wish to develop your business in France, and you are looking for talents to start your activity on the territory, contact us to benefit from a tailor-made support.

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Division Experts

Technophiles, our consultants have advanced knowledge of IS and digital environments. Their ability to keep a permanent watch on new subjects enables them to understand the most complex expectations of their clients and candidates. 


Present at events, communities of experts, the consultants maintain a close link with their networks of candidates thus allowing them to establish long-lasting relationships.

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Project managers
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Tech Leads
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Networks & System Engineers
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Cloud Engineers
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Recruiting your Top Gun

Division Sales Marketing

Our clients, Software Publishers and Integrators, entrust us with their search for marketing and sales functions.

They appreciate our knowledge of the competition, of their culture, their organizations and strategies, and the products they market.

We collaborate proactively and are able to inform our clients about talents whose skills are in line with their expectations. We anticipate needs and often create great encounters!

How to measure a “Commercial Talent”? What are the expected skills? What are the levers to be activated to motivate him?

Our recruitment and assessment process are focused on the measurement of personality, performance and potential.

Our assessment tools specific for sales functions (sales audit) allow us to analyze key skills and know-how: initiation and communication, conclusion, customer follow-up, presentation, administration.

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Sales executive
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Sales Director
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Marketing Manager
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Channel Manager
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Country Manager

Recruiting Sales and Marketing experts


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