Recruiting your

Recruiting your Top-Level Managers

Switching from being an expert to a manager requires the ability to identify skills, leadership, soft skills but also a variety of work experiences

Thanks to their management skills, Top-Level Managers are a source of inspiration for colleagues. They help creating opportunities for business growth, they develop skills and keep teams motivated so they can perform at the highest level. 

They are resilient and demonstrate a capacity to succeed when facing major challenges as well as managing complex situations.


SP SEARCH, an Executive search specialist, is here to assist you through the process of recruiting Managing Directors, interim Managers and Top-Level executives.

SP SEARCH is not just a recruitment firm and our experienced consultants, thanks to activating their extensive network and a 17 years proven methodology, are able to identify, approach and attract top-level managers who are not necessarily visible on the job market.


Our direct approach allows us to find the right IT, Cyber Security, Sales and Marketing Managers in line with your strategic and operational challenges. 


Our role as a recruitment specialist does not stop there! We closely follow-up our candidates through to the onboarding phase so we can make sure that our collaboration is a successful experience.

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Looking for Top-Level Managers to boost your development ?